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I can't seem to find a web-based RSS reader that supports RSS authentication so that I can read my Basecamp updates. I don't want a downloadable desktop app. I also want native support for RSS authentication... I don't want to use an extra service to forward the feed to Google Reader.

Any good ones out there?

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Netvibes can access authenticated RSS feeds.

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A great web-based RSS reader that supports RSS Authentication is Fever by Shaun Inman.


Lots of great features.

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it's really just software that you can install (and maintain) on a server to get web functionality. Not really the kind of web-based solution I was looking for. From their homepage: "Is Fever a hosted service? No, Fever is a PHP and MySQL application that you run on your own server. Fever has been designed with ease of maintenance in mind and can automatically update itself." –  at01 Feb 20 '11 at 9:01

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