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I really like PBworks but when i hit 'formatted' and paste my code (no other settings keeps single lines single) the spaces get missed up so it looks weird when i paste it back. (Luckily i dont write python code)

So what site can i use to write(copy/paste) code and edit it repeatedly.

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The first thing that comes to mind is Pastebin. I have not had problems with copying and pasting back to applications and it supports syntax highlighting of many different languages.

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Check out CodePaste.NET .

It's a great site for code help, etc. Does formatting for you. Made by Rick Strahl who's well known in the .NET geek circles.

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This looks like it does what i want. No privacy but it copy/paste and edits well :D – acidzombie24 Oct 6 '09 at 1:21
Enojy :) It's a great little site :) – Pure.Krome Oct 6 '09 at 5:00

Pastie is another good pastebin type site. It has the dubious advantage of defaulting to a dark color scheme. It also seems to load a tad faster than Pastebin for me.

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I use CodePad, the benefit being that you can run your code on their server if they support the language. You can't directly edit a paste, but you can fork it and make a new one. Syntax highlighting and all the regular fixings are supported, you can even register an account to keep track of your code if you wish. There is also ASCIIbin and Mozilla's Bespin.

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There are only two I know of that let you update your snippets. These are, consequently, the only two I use:

Snipplr is cool and has an API, and a textmate bundle. Refactor :my => 'code' is cool because it's main purpose is to get advice from other people about how to optimize your snippets, but it can double as a personal snippet repo in a pinch.

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For JavaScript (and HTML/CSS), including actual execution for live testing of the code (in your own browser, of course, but not in IE6), there's the brilliant JS Bin.

Be sure to watch the short introduction videos. Once you saved your code to a public URL it cannot be changed, but others can save their changes and then get a brand new URL they can paste in a forum or on sites like Super User.

Minor annoyance: it embeds Google Analytics tracking code (but only when running from the bare URL), which may interfere in some rare cases (like when trying to figure out if Is $(document).ready() also CSS ready?).

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Yet another pastebin with quite a lot of features and formating options: Friendpaste

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Gist - a part of GitHub

  • Syntax highlighting or view as raw text
  • can do sets of files as well as individual files
  • version controlled
  • embeddable in blogs
  • download files in tar.gz
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