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I'm trying to speed up the process of getting values from an HTML page to a Google Docs Spreadsheet through scripting.

I remember Microsoft Excel had the import data function, but I don't own a copy of that.

Is it possible to do this through Google Docs?

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You might want something like the importXML or importHtml functions? These will let you import an HTML page and use XPath to process the content.

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If you're trying to grab data that's stored in a list or table, you should use =ImportHTML(URL,Type,Index).

Where Type is "List" or "Table" and index is which # table/list you want to import.

Documentation: https://support.google.com/docs/answer/3093339

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Take a look at google commandline tools. You should be able to interact with google docs from a script easily with that.


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The referred code project is broken according to a announcement on the code project homepage. – Rubén Jun 12 at 2:51

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