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We are using Google Apps for Business on a domain that we've bought (from elsewhere). Is it possible to set it up so that all emails received by any user on the site is also forwarded to a specified account?

We need to do this to monitor email communication from outside folks to employees.

One solution would be to enable this within each google mail interface, but that can be changed by each individual. How can I enable this for the entire domain without it being in control of the user himself.

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Google offers this as an add-on to Google Apps for Business.

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There is also something called GAIL that can help. It allows an admin to login as any user. I think it just allows you to check out an account, not necessarily all history. It is free, but not officially stable, so obviously won't work for every organization.

The addon mentioned by Patches is probably the best if you have the $$. It will keep a true archive of all in/out emails, where GAIL doesn't really provide that.

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