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I would like to know if any 3rd party web app allows basic, regular functionality of sending/receiving SMS text messages through a browser. However, the caveat is that I need it to utilize my personal phone number and appear in all respects as if I was sending the message from my phone directly.

Some possible solutions that may address the issue, discovered in the last few years since first posting this question:

  • Google Voice - Exactly addresses my issue at hand, except that Sprint is the only carrier fully supporting this service. Not a complete solution for all other providers because you must operate using a separate Google Voice assigned number, and the integration is still not seamless with non-Sprint devices.
  • AirDroid - Not a complete solution if you use iOS obviously. Also, I have been less than impressed with AirDroid's functionality. Bugs often cause crashing either on my phone as the server or in my browser while accessing.
  • MightyText - Probably the closest thing to a real solution I have found thus far. However, your found must be turned on & connected to a network to function properly (with the accompanying server app installed). Still, I find there are delays & interruptions of service at various times so that the service is not completely reliable just yet.

Any suggestions to a good alternative?

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Here you go: http://www.clickatell.com/products/communicator.php

You should be able to set the sender ID to your number (depending which carriers you are sending SMS to, not all carriers support this feature).

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