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Instead of showing the images I've uploaded, ImageShack has started showing the generic frog image with the following message:

Unregistered domain. Go to http://imageshack.us to register.

frog stuck inside ice cube

Why is this coming up?

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@msh210 ever run into this problem? – Sathya Jun 14 '12 at 7:43
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ImageShack has apparently changed their policies and now insist upon registering the referring domain onto ImageShack . If the domain is not registered with an ImageShack account then the images will not be shown and the above picture will be substituted.

However, if the end user is a registered ImageShack user, then they will show the image.

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Same here. Here's the solution:


However I tried to register my domain but they haven't verified my domain yet. As of now, I've been trying to relocate all the images to other host.

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