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What web applications for World of Warcraft players do you know? Do you use them? What do you think about them?

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Because Blizzard is very focused on security and making sure the game is fair for everyone, there aren't many applications that actually plug into World of Warcraft. Most of the stuff you will find is online sites. (elitistjerks.com)

I for one like Rawr. Basically, it grabs your gear info from the armory. Then you give it a list of other items that you have in your inventory/bank. Press a button and it gives you what it thinks you should change in your gear to get the highest DPS, health, or whatever you choose.

It is a very neat program that I use constantly to figure out potential upgrades.

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Armory is obvious one.

I also like Be Imba. It rates your character's gear and gives you advice which instances or raids to join to get a better one.

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I liked tweetcraft for because it integrated with twitter, lets your friends know when you're playing and where you are in the game.

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