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Ok, let's say I make some kind of widget or craft... and before I try to sell it, I'd like to see how much people would pay for it, on average - so what I'm wondering:

Is there a webapp where I can submit a photo and some information about what I'm wanting to sell, and find out about how much the community believes it is worth?

Any suggestions on tags would be appreciated. I wasn't sure exactly what this is categorized as.

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ebay maybe? ``` – Benny Feb 24 '11 at 8:41

KickStarter allows you to post an idea and invite people to give money to make it happen. They have a lot of nifty widget/craft ideas on there, including an iPod Nano Watch, a nifty set of lockpicks, and some handprinted towels for hipsters.

This doesn't exactly address your goal of estimating how much people would pay for a product. That problem is pretty hard; people who attempt to ask/answer that question are doing black magic.

But it does answer a related question, which is: how much would people pay to make this idea happen? It sets a lower bound on the amount of money you could make by executing the idea (and gives you funding in advance of a finished product).

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I guess this is the reason people do market research before they start working on it and market research depends on targeted audience. If there is a website existing that might not be reaching to your targeted audience. So the best way is to identify your audience/customer and try to approach them.

I was about to start working on an idea since it was fascinating for me, but I called my friend to do a market research and people liked the idea too. But every one had a common problem and I was not able to address this problem.

So get someone who can reach the targeted audience and can come up with feedbacks as well. The best way to do this is to find Business students looking for research/survey ideas so they can prepare reports as well. You can approach a college student or institute and see if they are really interested in researching your idea. They can do a lot of research and you will land up with real time results and feedbacks.

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I'm talking more like... things you find on Etsy.. not an "idea" I can't really, as a singular person, afford market research for something so small. – Jessie Feb 26 '11 at 17:25

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