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I'd like to help the local organic food producers in my area sell more goods by getting their details online in a kind of searchable directory/wiki.

I'd like to provide access to a searchable, user updateable database where every producer can categorise, list and detail every product they offer, with contact details and addresses.

I don't want to type this all in by myself.

Ideal would be a google form where the data ends up in an end user friendly searchable page.

What can I use to build a idiot-proof categorized survey where the results will end up in an easy-to-use searchable database?

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If you want a Wiki where anyone can edit the information, then the obvious answer is MediaWiki.

They have several Poll plugins and extensions, but the most stable I've found is CommunityVoice: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CommunityVoice

If you just want slick looking polls and surveys, I would go with SurveyMonkey (a hosted solution, no coding knowledge or server setup required): http://www.surveymonkey.com/

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I don't think I want either! The end reult must be a searchble database, where people looking to buy (for example) organic flour, can see the details of the 3 (or more) local providers. This means that the organic millers must be able to put in their name, address, and product range; I thought the best way for them to get results would be to them to fill in a form which would be turned into a webpage. They need to concentrate on milling flour, not on creating SEO optimised text… It has to be easy! –  Edd Turner Feb 25 '11 at 21:57
Oooo! I think i found something on the google.sites page: link - if my web connection was faster I'd be able to see, but it looks like the kind of thing where a producer can add their own details to something searchable… –  Edd Turner Feb 25 '11 at 22:38
I found an example of something similar. Any suggestions how I could replicate it cheap and easily?Die Kantinen.de. This is an index of canteens in Germany, where any canteen owner can register the details of their canteen, and the user can search by area for canteeens near them. Other nice things include a rating system and a searchable 'bulletin board' system. I'd like to make something, with a few tweaks (e.g. letting people search for the things they want to buy, and showing distance from the user's address). –  Edd Turner Feb 28 '11 at 7:54

Check out GoDaddy's Easy Database for Websites product, it's perfect for your situation:

The application codes widgets that collect and display information that can be embedded on your website. It’s great for restaurant menus, photo galleries, team rosters, hotel reservations, and anything else you’d manage in a table and display on a website.

Easy Database for Websites can help take the confusion out databases. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the free 24/7 technical support department.

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Explore Zoho Creator.

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If you want your data to be publicly searchable. Ragic should work really well and it has a permanently free community version that does exactly what you mentioned.

Survey users can fill out survey using an online spreadsheet form, and entries can be searched with full text search, or by any fields that you created.

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I highly recommend you trying MyTaskHelper.com online database. You can build survey on "Forms" menu and integrate searchable database on "Customize & Integrate" - "Database" tab.

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