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I'm looking to set up a group on a collaboration platform for me and my friends. It should have the following features:

  • free
  • no hosting / installation necessary
  • mailing list or a message board with mail notification
  • signup with any email should be possible (for google groups you need a gmail account AFAIK)
  • a calendar would be nice to set up meetings
  • possibility to upload files

I would like something similar to Google Groups but without the restrictions on having to have a Gmail account.

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Google Calendar is a good calendar and ScheduleOnce seems to be a good free meeting planner add-on.

Google Docs has 1 GB free storage and you can share collections with other users.

A Google account can be created with any email address. You can also remove Gmail from an existing account, wich will revert the user name to the original mail address the account was created with.

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Good luck!! Anything free will require installation.

OR, Ah hem..... just use Google - share your calendar, chat, signup/create a Google group, you can signup for Google services with any email account, share Google docs.

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