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I searched so long for a opportunity where i can edit sourcecode with a friend or a co-worker together - collaborative editing.

I found Gobby, Bespin (Skywriter) by Mozilla, Cloud9 IDE (at this time not public - only beta) and so on, but its either not in the cloud (Online) or its not for collaborative editing.

What i seach for is for example http://jsfiddle.net/ for collaborative editing.

Does anybody know a way / website for this?


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Check out Koding.


  • Online Code Editing
    • php, perl, python, django, ruby on rails fastcgi and more
  • Works with well known web editors
    • Ace & Bespin, Codemirror, Ymacs, Pixlr, Aviary and more
  • Online Collaborations (coming soon)
    • svn, git, mercurial
amazing thanks :) –  myer Mar 10 '11 at 16:25

++ for Etherpad as the best way to run your own...

For free, I've used CollabEdit and though it has basic features it really rocks for most of my needs: http://collabedit.com/

For a paid solution (one could usually expect better quality but I am to poor to confirm this at this this time): https://squadedit.com


Try GoinCloud.com

Supports local projects, FTP (PHP tunnel), SSH, FTP access, MySQL databases (phpMyAdmin access).

Seems dead now. –  Dan Dascalescu Jan 20 '14 at 0:24

The best-known collaborative code editors as of Jan 2014 are probably Cloud 9 and Nitrous.io. They both support meteor, by the way.

Others, in order of how mature they lookL








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