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How do you update the feed URL of a subscription through Google Reader?

Subscribed to a blog that used to publish their RSS feed at the following:


But now it's dead as the new hotness is located at:


301 redirect on their end wasn't set up correctly to point to the new location and/or it was just dropped like a hot potato and left to 404.

You can rename a blog feed to whatever name you like. Can't seem to find where to update the feed URL if the source has moved locations.

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You can't edit a feed location in Google Reader.

You will have to delete the subscription that points to the old URL and then add a new subscription using the new URL.

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That blows chunks having to re-add and re-label it – Eight Days of Malaise Feb 25 '11 at 15:52

Refer thread which talk about the same.

Delete the old one and add a new subscription it will fetch all feeds and no need to worry about history.

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