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  • I am generating a .CSV file with an application.
  • I then upload the .CSV file to Google Docs, which creates a Google Docs Spreadsheet which is "plain and white".
  • I then have to manually format the .CSV file with colors and bold-headers, etc.

Is there a way for me to create a Google Doc Spreadsheet and then say "upload this CSV file and use this spreadsheet as a template"?

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You can use the importData("URL") function to achieve your goal.

  1. Upload the CSV file somewhere that you can have public access to (I suggest Dropbox or Ge.tt) and you'll endup with something like http://example.com/foo.csv
  2. Go the the first cell that you want to insert your data and write: =importData("http://example.com/foo.csv")
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Copy your template over the plain vanilla with Paste special, Paste format only.

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