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I'm looking for a time management app that will allow me to keep track of, amongst other things, work, school, gym, self-study, etc. My work and school hours are variable and it's hard to see easily when I can fit in time for other things I need to do regularly like going to the gym. I'm learning a language and try to spend a lot of my spare time studying it as much as possible.

So I'm looking for some simple time management software that allows me to plan the hours in the day, and lets me schedule some things as recurring weekly or daily. For the things that I want to do that are not required like gym and study time, it would be great if I was able to mark it somehow every day as "completed" or not, so I can look back and see if I'm achieving the tasks I set for myself.

I've tried Google Calendar but it is really clunky when you have many things scheduled for each day, I really don't think it is ideal for my needs. Most other apps I've seen are business-focused and aimed at multiple users. I'm looking for something a lot more simple and straightforward. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Google Spreadsheets:

  • Access from anywhere
  • Can mark tasks as completed, in progress, etc.
  • Can sort tasks.
  • Can easily add/delete tasks.
  • At the end of every week. Copy the sheet and rename as "Archive". Clear the Completed column and start over.
  • You can format the spreadsheet so that it looks like the Google Calendar "Week" view.

When I was in college, I did something similar to organize my schedule, except I did it with Open Office Calc. Since my college days, the world has moved on to Google's Office Suite :)

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I've been quite happy with Windows Live. It's calendar provides recurring events as well as a To-Do list built into it. There is also the added benefit with the live account of having access to Word/Excel/One Note through it's online suite of applications. If you decide to integrate your Live account with Facebook, it'll display birthdays and other items in there as well.

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Have you looked at Basecamp? It is a paid-for service, but you may want to check out their 30 day trial. (I am not affiliated with them. I used to use it at my former job and quite liked it).

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