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I'm running Acunetix to test my ASP.NET page and when it gets to the SQL injection tests it says nothing is wrong. But some data is still being added to my database.

Is there any way to see what queries Acunetix is executing when it runs tests? That would give me a better idea of what's going on and why I'm getting data inserted.

I have tried with Fiddler to see HTTP traffic but without success. I also tried WireShark sniffer and I could see the packets but, the protocol I'm using is HTTPS so that didn't bring so much information.

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i have already solved this issue, acunetix has a Vulnerability Editor tool that shows me what are the queries it's using so i know what was the problem now

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You can enable HTTP logging from the Logging settings node. It will log all the http requests and responses to a file httplog in the logs sub directory. From there you can analyse all the traffic.

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thanks, i will try that, you are the only person who has answered me, i also posted this in another forums and got no answer, nevertheless it seems a simple task, i will give it a try. thanks again – Paulo Bu Mar 4 '11 at 1:29

You need to configure Fiddler as proxy and it'll work just fine.

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