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Google Calendar's month view can display up to 6 weeks, by clicking on the first week of the month (on the small calender on the sidebar) and dragging the month downwards towards the last week of the month. This however limits this view to a 6-week period starting at the beginning of any month (and furthermore, scrolling up or down jumps 6 weeks at a time).

What if I want to view the 6 weeks between September 4th and October 15th, 2011 (assuming Sunday is the first day of the week)? Is this possible (via the UI, to begin with)?

Then, for extra credit: one can create a link to Google Calender, which goes straight to a certain month in the month view, e.g.: https://www.google.com/calendar/render?mode=month&date=20110901 However, no matter what day in September one specifies, the displayed Calendar still starts in September's first week. Can a link be created to view 6 weeks? Can a link be created to a calendar that starts in the middle of the month?


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If you are interested in the six weeks starting with the current week, there is a trick.

Scroll the little calendar forward a couple months so that no dates in the next 6 weeks show up. Then select all 6 weeks that show up in that calendar (not the dates you're interested in) and click on Today at the top, and you will get the current week at the top of the big calendar.

This works for a maximum period of 6 weeks because that's how many weeks are shown in the little calendar. Still, that is two more weeks than are available in the next 4 weeks option for the custom view.

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If you don't see the little calendar (top left), it's called the "mini calendar". – aparente001 Nov 23 '15 at 18:41
Thank you so much for this - this is the only answer I've seen that works – Reuben Apr 20 at 0:59

Switch to Week view and choose the week that you want to show on the first row in the 6-Week view, and then switch back to that view.

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