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I'm looking for an easy-to-use web-shop, with the ability to pay by credit-card. Can you recommend any providers?

I've not yet researched this myself, and I've never dealt with credit card payments, so any and all advice on that subject is welcome.

P.S.: I am a full-time web-developer, so don't be afraid to get technical.

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Try PrestaShop. It's Amazing: http://prestashop.com

Some amazing examples in the wild:

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PrestaShop has quirks (particularly the latest 1.5 version), but it is quite full featured and lighter than Magento. Note that Ajax animations like those on Archiduchesse are a bit off-topic, as they don't come out of the box with the software. And your answer is almost off-topic (you talk about a PHP application, not a Web application) but the company making PS has also done PrestaBox, offering hosting for PS-based e-commerces. – PhiLho Jan 11 '13 at 12:13


Geared toward t-shirt shops, bands, and other artists. Can accept credit cards through paypal.

There is also hypermart, merchline, and shopify.

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I think the best option is: www.39shops.com - it is amazingly flexible and fully hosted shopping cart solution with a fully featured free account. you need not to spend a penny to use it.

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