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I would just like to ask if there's a way to secure my Yahoo! ID information beyond passwords? What I mean is for example, Google has implemented a 2-way verification wherein, after a Google account logs in to a new computer besides the one I typically use, it requests for a validation code that it can use to verify my authenticity and thus, would send a verification code to my phone via text.

For Facebook, I set it so that if a new computer uses my Facebook account, the user will be asked to enter a computer name or identity and I will be notified that x computer signed in to my account thus giving me enough time to go online and possibly gain control of my Facebook account.

As for Yahoo!, what options do I have? Thanks to those who'd answer.

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As of March 2011, I don't think Yahoo implement the functionality you are asking for.

If you are concerned about security then the only thing I can recommend is:

  • Reduce the amount of time Yahoo keeps you signed in for to a day.
  • Implement the Sign-In Seal
  • Set your default Location and periodically check it to see if anyone has logged in to your account elsewhere.
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