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I am looking for an application where I can save online the information of media products that I own:

  • Music: Album, MP3, etc.
  • Movies: DVD, Blu Ray, etc.
  • Books
  • Videogames

and to have the possibility to share my lists with friends, apply votes, write and read reviews, etc.

I know there are some webapps available for Movies only, or Books only (Shelfari, etc.).

I am wondering if there is "one to rule them all".

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You can use Dropbox, it will hold all of those files. – Jeff Epstein Jul 13 '10 at 13:06

Have you tried Listal ?

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I would still suggest using different apps for different products as this way you will be able to find apps specifically designed for that purpose:

May I ask why you would be averse to separate apps?

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There's LivingSocial.

I've used their Facebook apps for music and books, but I've not gone into their site.

The Facebook app has a good search so you can find all the titles by the same artist/author. It lets you rate items, add reviews and see reviews of others. It covers books, music, movies and videogames, all in one place.

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