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Context: I administer a Facebook "event" to check whether my friends are safe after the Japan earthquake. People invited their friends and now with 10000 attendees it is impossible to browse through to check whether your friend is attending. We need a search feature.

Question: How can I search through the attendees of a Facebook event?
I can create a Facebook application if it is really necessary.

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You could start here https://graph.facebook.com/[USER_ID]/events?access_token=[ACCESS_TOKEN] in your browser

USER_ID is either the username (facebook.com/username) or their UID.

That should give you the most recent events of that user. Not a 100% method though (I guess if you made an app you would be able to get the correct permissions etc.)

The other way will be the FQL query way.

https://api.facebook.com/method/fql.query?access_token=[ACCESS_TOKEN]&query=SELECT rsvp_status from event_member where uid = [UID] and eid = 159815784072458

159815784072458 being the Event ID for your event. I tried it against users I know for events they attended and the fql seems to be working better than the Graph for now.

All of these queries were done though the browser.

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How do I get the access token? – Alan Evangelista May 6 at 20:38

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