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I need a flowchart to help me design the logic for a db program, and Visio isn't working for me. I find myself wanting to be able to test the logic more quickly than tracing with my finger. I'd like to be able to click the answer to a decision, and be automatically sent to the next decision, which could be clicked and have it send me to the next, and so on. I've looked at free flowcharts but can't find any that would allow me to click a decision/choice and have it take me to the next decision (without opening another webpage - I'd have dozens open doing it that way).

I was wondering if this could be done with basic HTML. I thought for the overall page (a large page -making left/right and up/down scrolling necessary - would be great) there might be a template that would have places for decisions, and for decisions there might be some snippets of code I could modify/copy/paste where needed. At this point I could live without connecting lines or arrows.

If it would be too complicated for an HTML novice, it doesn't even really need to look like a flowchart, as long as it functioned. Of course the more visual sense it would make, the better.

Can/would anyone help me get this put together?

Edit/update: I appreciate the alternative ideas, but the main thing I need (and why I was thinking an HTML document might work) is the ability to click an answer to a decision and have it configured to send me, automatically, to the next decision based on that answer. It looks like Creatley allows linking, but from what I gather, each time a link is clicked, it opens a whole new tab. I just want to move around within one live document, not end up with dozens of tabs/Windows open.

Edit/update: I guess I was unclear in my question. I'm not "looking for something HTML based". I'm looking for the functionality I described in the first paragraph, and had the idea that the functionality could be created with an HTML document. I was requesting help writing that HTML, or for someone to point to templates I could use. Also, of course, alternatives with the functionality I need are welcome.

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I use Flying Logic. It does conditional logic, OR, AND and partial completions. – user21284 Jun 19 '12 at 16:59
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I'd recommend LucidChart but it seems it doesn't quite do what you want as you can link elements but only to 'new pages'. I haven't tried it, but I've heard good things about OmniGraffle. I know it's not HTML based but there might be an export function. It is a bit pricey but they do give you 14 days to try it out.

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Thanks. Linking elements to other pages seems to be a common feature. – CChriss Mar 16 '11 at 22:23
What do you mean 'new pages'? Lucidchart links to other pages (or at least it does now). – Paul Draper May 8 '14 at 9:00

I've made HTML flowcharts from scratch and they are not comfortable to work with - even for someone very comfortable with HTML.

I've done many flowcharts with Google Docs (the drawing app). It's not as good as visio but it works quite well and you can link to other docs as well (analogous to linking btwn visio tabs).

I've worked with LucidChart but so far prefer google draw to it for flowcharts.

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