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My girlfriend needs to share some documents with her colleagues, and I'm looking for a simple web app which will allow that kind of thing. I thought about Google docs, but not all her colleagues are internet friendly, and I'd rather have them simply memorize a simple login/pass: a simple web page that I would host on my provider would suffice.


  • no 3rd party / privately hostable (so no Google Docs / Sky Drive / DropBox)
  • easy to host: no ruby/python, PHP, AJAX, Flash are ok, preferably no SQL required (but allowed if necessary)
  • light / fast, no "big" thing like Joomla
  • simple password protection, I don't need a per-user security (but it's allowed)
  • folder creation / deletion support
  • multiple file upload support (optional, but would be great)

They just need to have a simple web interface listing all the files in a directory, password protected, with download/upload support.

I found a this (french) app which looks promising but looks a bit too big: http://hyla-project.org/

If you have some other ideas or already answered question (didn't find anything matching these reqs) you could point to me, feel free!

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I am also seeking for easy ways to provide quick and encrypted file sharing for third parties, like customers sending sensitive data.

besides varies cloud alternative sync solutions, other than dropbox. I was looking for a server daemon which offers easy encrypted upload solutions:

Nephthys seems to have manage an easy WebDav-configuration which can be hosted over an https-domain and it automatically sends email to the involved parties.


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There would be plenty of options, it's just a matter of seeking them out and trying a few to see what works for you. A Google search and a bit of digging leads me to OpenDocMan, which looks like it ticks most of your boxes.

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