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Is there an application (preferrably a web app, but a desktop app would be useful as well) for better Facebook friend list management?

I tend to use my Facebook friend lists like tags, where I will use contextual lists to manage my friends, e.g. Texas, Canada—for regional tagging—, as well as football, photography for interest tagging.

Is there a way to manage these lists effectively, and in a batch way?

Like "search for all people from California, and put them in a list CA"? Or "delete all friends in list UNKNOWN"

Or: add everyone from this list to that list…

Facebook also introduced some new features: you can now search your friends by their interests or location, which makes it easier to create these lists. However: no batch edit mode yet.

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Just found a webapp that may be a start http://dtinth.github.io/friendlist/ it's a bit better as an interface to manage friend lists, but nowhere as powerful as what I would love to have :(

EDIT: Link updated as it was returning a 404. It is worth noting that this development on this web app has been stopped. However, you can find the source code on Github https://github.com/dtinth/friendlist

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Didn't work for me on firefox (I just see the parragraph on top), but worked fine on midori, odd. – Hugo Jun 15 '11 at 13:51
This is great tool, also there's a newer version allow to edit list. Though we cannot quickly/batch delete all friends in a list – Nam G VU May 21 '12 at 5:09
the link is not working anymore...... any idea where is the new URL ? – user41932 Jun 13 '13 at 4:47
@user41932 I have updated the link (Although it worth noting that development has been stopped) – codingbadger Jun 13 '13 at 7:20
Updated link not working for me - freezes on 'Initializing: Getting Facebook Session' – tog22 Jun 22 '13 at 13:04

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