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Possible Duplicate:
Online file storage services

Hey together,

i am looking for a onkine storage / online backup-system.

I tried livedrive around 5 days and be very suprise they even have a single paying user. The software is within such huge bugs and problems, e.g. using only 30% of my bandwidth, crashing 2 times a day, delete and upload new instead of removing.

Maybe you can help me with a good offer.

[Must have]

  • good speed (I can up to 500kb/s upload, so Im not searching anything with 100kb/s only)
  • Share files with others (Share-system with links...)
  • 200gb Space at least, better unlimited
  • unlimited traffic

[Can cost up to 120€/$ per Year]

[Nice to have]

  • Good Online page (livedrive has the nice feature play music, view any document without downloading them with an addon for the browser implemented).
  • dynamic backup (not only by a given time)
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See the answers on Webapps: Online file storage services. – Mehper C. Palavuzlar Mar 25 '11 at 9:39
Thenk you, but no one of this services is a think I am lokking for. – Anonymous Mar 25 '11 at 9:43
Just thought I'd add... I've also had a troubled experience with Livedrive Backup (I've not used the Briefcase option). Incredibly slow (particularly to run the full backup scan - which it insists on doing as much as possible). Having to leave the PC on 24/7 for it to work as intended (if the PC is restarted the full backup scan starts again, during which time nothing is actually backed up). It scans sub folders specifically excluded from the backup (although does not actually back them up) - which takes ages - a complete waste of time (and CPU)! – w3dk Mar 29 '11 at 22:30

I use Dropbox to backup and sync files. It's available cross-platform which is handy as I use it on Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac machines. They give you 2GB free, and charge for anything more than that.

Box.net has similar features.

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Big upvote for Dropbox! The people there have done some crazy stuff with optimizing for speed and it's super reliable. I do have to admit that it costs $99/year for 50gb, which I feel is reasonable but may not be within your price range. – munchybunch Mar 29 '11 at 1:02

I would recommend Egnyte. It might not have totally all the features you said (maybe it does, checked that have quite some) but in my experience, they are very good. The system integrates very well with Windows 7, actually.


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You may wish to check my website.

My suggestions do not nearly provide services of that size at the price required. The services I suggest are feature-rich for a user requiring fine detail in their useage.


  • SOS Online Backup
  • DriveHQ

For a lower cost general online synching system Dropbox has got to be the most reliable, but as far as I know does not share specific files.(Share all or nothing)

Perhaps there are other services which are better.


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Dropbox lets you share individual folders with other users, you don't have to share everything. – calvinf Mar 28 '11 at 18:50

I use Jungle Disk, and it's great. Backups, Online Storage and Synchronised Folders.

  • $0.15 per GB with unlimited space.
  • Ability to share folders.

It doesn't really have any of you "nice to haves", although you could use the synchronised folder option to keep a running backup of any file you edit.

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I think the ElephantDrive (probably the "Family" plan, based on your needs) will be the best solution for you.

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I love dropbox and pay for the 50GB version. The key feature for me is the local LAN sync. So if the files is available on one of my other local machines, it's sync'ed from there, not thr Dropbox server. Brililant with 4-5 machines.

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There are plenty of software packages for you to choose from when it comes to 'Cloud' backup, but from everything that I've researched in the past, nothing beats Backblaze. They are relatively cheap ($5/mo) and they also let you backup external drives (No NAS's though). That's an incredible deal.

Read up on this article about BackBlaze vs. Mozy and you'll get a better idea of what they have to offer. I've used Mozy before and while it has its advantages like specific folder selections, I'm ready to move to BackBlaze for their vast feature set.

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I know everyone will come up with a solution as the best but I suggest you be keen about all these options given to you. To me, I would recommend you try reviews; www.backuplineup.com. Shows you what each company is best at offering and their weaknesses. Personally, I picked Safecopybackup.com because they don't charge multiple computers. I've backed up both my Mac and Windows. They offer free 3GB account for life. Good Luck on making right choice.

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I have heard that Mozy is good.

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