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Are there any sites that are similar to Wolfram Alpha, or is it currently unique?

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Wolfram Alpha is the only of it's kind, when it comes to understanding chemical reactions, mathematical formulas, comparing objects etc.

The search engine itself is not unique and most of the data you could get else where. But the way that it tries to understand your statement and group relevant info with graphs etc. only showing 1 result is not anything I've seen or heard about anywhere else.

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Probably the biggest competitor would be Google Squared, but it doesn't do computations or graphing or stuff like that. It just fills tables with information (like U.S. presidents and their date of birth, time in office, vice president, etc.)

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Kngine used to be a semantic web search and question answering engine, and its Stats platform was targeting features similar to Wolfram Alpha. However, it seems their VC is currently focusing their efforts on mobile platforms.

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