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I am following someone who has a lot of tweets. I want to look at their tweets from three months ago. On their twitter web page, if I scroll down, it keeps showing their older tweets, but using this method will take too long. Is there an easier way?

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Try one of the solutions explained here http://blog.tweetsmarter.com/twitter-search/10-ways-and-20-features-for-searching-old-tweets/

Some tools to help you search for old tweets:

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Really impressed with Topsy. They had a clear filter to a single user, min date, max date, and sorted by newest/oldest to find the tweet I was looking for. – Bluu Sep 24 '13 at 18:25

Using third party applications are great for searching as I use Tweetdeck. Perhaps if you're searching for a specific tweet by that individual you are following, search by keywords, that is if you're searching for a certain tweet instead of all of that person's tweets.

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