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I'm a student studying meteorology and I have an idea, but I don't know the best way to go about achieving it.

I'd like to create a user-made directory of Twitter users for the weather community. Sure, there's plenty of directory sites... but there's no stand-out that is the most popular. I want to create a directory solely for weather-related Twitter users. My reasoning is that the most relevant Twitter users are going to be ones that are closest to you. In addition, it's hard to determine just from looking at someones profile whether they tweet 40 times a day or 4, and whether it's always weather-related or only sometimes.

Is there any sort of turnkey solution to create a user-created twitter directory? I know this is likely possible with the Twitter API, but I've never done such work (I have some light programming experience, but only mostly in the classroom) so I'm curious to see if there is a tool I can adapt for this, or, if it would best to start from scratch, where can I go to learn and get help for creating such a directory?


PS: Here's my idea of how it would work:

  1. User logs in with twitter account
  2. User fills out a form, some of which is already filled out (like URL) but can be changed, but with a few other options like region (Northeast, Midwest, etc.), background (enthusiast, bachelors, masters, etc.), industry (broadcast, private, govt, etc.) and maybe just a few optional tags that could be auto-guessed (exactly like the tagging feature on this site)
  3. User submits form (maybe with spam protection measures if needed)
  4. Data is entered into database and appears on the site. User can go back and edit listing if needed.
  5. Users can find other users near them, with similar interests, etc. via the directory

Edit: Alright, so I found a site called Floxee which is nearly exactly what I want... but they charge anywhere from $30-$200 a month depending on the number of users. While I really would love to have something like this, I don't have the budget. This is a personal project that I'm doing to help organize meteorology folks on twitter because I would like to see it happen- not because I want to make money from it.

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Maybe you have already seen wefollow.com - I think you can create your own tags there... – BrianH Apr 27 '11 at 12:59
I have- but I want something for my own niche, not a general twitter directory site. – Joe Moore May 7 '11 at 1:21
Have your explored Twitter's List option (currently shown as tab in the Twitter Home page after you login)? – mvark Jul 16 '11 at 18:54

There is a software called Twidium which can help you. You can find users who tweet about the weather (by entering "weather" as a keyword), you can narrow the aria of search by choosing only those, who tweets often (you can define frequency), etc. There is a trial period of 1 week. Have a look!

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You might try this method http://marshallk.com/how-to-use-twitter-plus-needlebase-to-discover-fabulous-things Though Tlists.com has changed, Listorious does the same thing.

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