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For our new project we are playing around with a recommendation system that only uses the date when an object was created and how many people appreciated it. This can be of the form:

youtube video, date created, number of people that viewed it


book, date created, number of people that bought it

And so on. To test the system I would like to read some data (possibly officially, thus not scrapping it) from some systems around. We were thinking of using the RSS from some popular systems. Youtube rss offers the data when a video was created, the link to the video but no measure of how many people have read it. TED talks likewise. Amazon does not even have an RSS. And Delicious popular also do not tell you how many people have bookmarked a site.

We never realised that the appreciation of an object inside a website was such a personal information. Any idea of a system that could be better?

Another usefulness of using RSS was that it would make our system quite general. We could apply it to a lot of systems.

DOes anybody know a website that openly offers this kind of information?

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