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How do I mark a company on Google Maps, so it could be added to contact page via iframe?

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What exactly do you want to display on your website? A map with a marker or what? – benregn Mar 30 '11 at 7:26

The Google Static Maps Wizard makes it easy to mark a location in a map & embed it in a web page. Google Static Maps API accepts inputs to generate a map through querystring values.

Google's Driving Directions gadget shows a map & also provides driving directions based on the address of your company's location that you can preset & the starting point specified dynamically by a customer.

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You'll need to go over the Google Maps API.

You'll probably use a simple info window or simple marker (more examples).

This question may be better suited for Stack Overflow if you need help with the code.

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The first thing to do is to add your company to Google Local through the Google Places interface http://google.com/places This way people will find it not only graphically through a user-defined placemark (which is actually what you were asking about, but really not what you want to do!) but also by searching Google.

See also Google Places for Business http://places.google.com/business

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And once it is added, you may use the embed code to add it to your website. You don't necessarily need to add it to places to have a marker and map added to your site (but I agree with msanford that's what you should do). Simply, you can search [address (business_name)] add then use the embed code for that result.

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