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Google Reader displayed infinite items in Recommend Items before. Now It's just a few. How to enable the old behavior??

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I'm not sure if it ever had "infinite" items - but there are a few ways to add to your recommended reading list.

First, add more subscriptions for feeds that you like. Second, in your existing feeds and the recommended items, click the "like" button on items you like. Google uses your "likes" to compile the recommendations, so the more you like, the more content Google will be able to find for your recommendations.

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By infinite, I mean that the articles weren't limited by date, if your rolled the page it would take an hour to stop. Now it's less than a minute. I'm sure I already have 30+ subscriptions and I "like" a lot. I'm sure the behavior changed. –  Jader Dias Mar 29 '11 at 17:25

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