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Anyone know of any FireFox addon, web app, or Chrome extension or similar to draw and sketch on live web pages that you browse? Like how football announcers can draw all over the screen.

I'm sitting in my office today with a client, explaining their site design on my computer, and I was wishing I could use the mouse to draw on the screen to enhance my presentation.

I have typed everything I could think of into FF addons, and google, and come up with nothing. I only found Markup and Blabbers for Chrome, but they were too kid-ish.

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There is a bookmarklet available for Firefox and IE called DrawHere.

It doesn't allow you draw shapes or text but you can draw freehand using the mouse.


There is also http://scribblet.org/ the UI is very simple (it uses keyboard shortcut to control the colour etc) but does pretty much the same as DrawHere.

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DrawHere was disgusting. But Scribblet was pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks. –  picxelplay Mar 30 '11 at 7:54

There's also http://eatponies.com : you can draw over any web page simultaneously with other people on the same page. Drawings made on each page stay forever.

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