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I'm looking for something very specific on ebay. I'd like to set up some sort of a watcher for it. E.g. I'd get daily alerts of new listings that meet my criteria. Ebay will do something similar, but it's not specific enough and not really what I'm looking for.

Ideally I'd:

  1. Put in the criteria
  2. Get daily or instant emails that match the criteria I'm looking for
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What about using the RSS feed for your search? Not quite email but similar (and your mail client may work with RSS).

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Links to rss were removed in 2012, but you can still append &_rss=1 to the url to get a feed. –  brianbaligad Sep 25 at 18:30

I looked around a bit on ebay and Saved Searches will do this. You'll get a daily mail that has the matches you're looking for.

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You can explore the eBay IE8 Webslice feature to view updates from the Favorites bar instead of reloading the webpage

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I just launched GoodScout. It monitors eBay in realtime but we are taking more of a product approach to monitoring. This allows us to get our users higher quality notifications within seconds of items being listed.

For example if you want to monitor the Apple iPhone 6 Plus you can search our Product Catalog click Add Scout. On the next page you can select all the possible attributes for that product (Carrier, Color, Size) etc.

eBay has over around 100 products for all the different variations of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get instant notifications for these listings with a few clicks. Also we want to make sure our users only receive notifications for legit alerts for that product with the attributes they have selected & the condition/s they want. We do a bunch of condition filtering to weed out badly listed items (Used items as new, Broken items as Used, etc).

It's completely free to use so check it out, and I'd love and feedback, good or bad. http://goodscout.io

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