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Feedburner doesn't get my feed links right. I tried resyncing and pinging and everything at my disposal but it doesn't seem to work. Then I emailed my problem to and I got no response. I just can't stand to see my feed getting wrong links. e.g: is the link in the actual feed ( while feedburner links go to

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If you need Feedburner to link to the correct post, change your <guid> tag to one that matches what you already have in the <link> tag.

<guid isPermalink="true"></guid>

That should make Feedburner have its rewriting of links back to your blog point to the correct location.

Or you can have it the other way:

<guid isPermalink="false">bacon</guid>

Where you tell Feedburner to not use the GUID tag as a permalink.

You may be using statistics tracking for clickthroughs and why the rewriting of the links is happening in the first place.

Why don't my feed content item links work?

By adding the isPermaLink attribute to your original feed's XML template as shown, FeedBurner will know to look in the element for the URL to rewrite and ignore the <guid>.

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Thank you, that solved the problem. But can you explain me why it looks for the GUID rather than the link? – bimorphic Apr 2 '11 at 6:03
Researched the why of what's happening. Might want to reword your question as if this is the selected answer, you aren't looking for a Feedburner alternative and instead why your links are borked. @cod – Eight Days of Malaise Apr 3 '11 at 1:25
You can additionally deactivate the tracking function in feedburner temporarily until you fix this. – user17042 Feb 3 '12 at 14:17

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