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So my friend is trying to become a hip hop producer. As his friend, he likes to send me his beats and whats hes working on now.

I just told him to upload it to a file sharing site and I would download it and listen to it. Since they're not finished I don't want to have him upload it to a site like SoundCloud because it isn't finished.

So, whats a site I can have it privately upload his MP3's and it would allow me to stream them (since I just want to listen now download.)


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Not really a web app as such but you might want to look at Opera Unite;


Specifically the stream media application;


Stream video and audio to your friends right in browser.

Hope this helps

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Tell your friend to setup a password-protected posterous podcast blog.
He uploads his beats the posterous way (email attachments), and a blog post will be created with a flash player to play the tune.
You get informed of new uploads by subscribing to his blog rss feed, which is recognized by podcast players (eg. Itunes) as a valid podcast feed.
Hope it helps.

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