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I'm looking for a free email portal that supports forwarding my mail to my main email for free. What are some good solutions?

  • Gmail doesn't work because all the memorable email addresses under 10 characters are taken
  • Yahoo! Mail wants money for forwarding features.
  • Hotmail is a no-no as well.

What are some alternatives?

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Have a look at GMX. It supports email forwarding for free.

How do I forward messages sent to my GMX.COM account to a different mail address? You need to create a special filter rule that forwards all messages to a specific e-mail address. You can find out more about creating filter rules here.

Source: http://help.gmx.com/faq/mail/general2/?si=9EQUc.1qapJt.3CiBge.2T*#q71

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From what I can tell, GMX provides you with a single email address (i.e., no aliases) correct? –  Synetech Jun 15 '12 at 19:25

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