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One of the things I love most about Gmail is the ability to use variations of your email address. You can append a plus or period anywhere and have it automatically resolve back to your original email.

But I'm noticing that auto-forward rules don't always work when you take advantage of this feature.

For instance, say you have one@gmail.com always forwarding to two@gmail.com. When I send an email to o.n.e@gmail.com, I see it in the inbox of one@gmail.com but not in the inbox of two@gmail.com.

Is this a bug? How do I get around this?

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are you using a filter or the filtering feature in the accounts settings? – dkuntz2 Apr 17 '11 at 17:34

If you're using a filter you can set the filter to be the following:

to(*@gmail.com) as opposed to to(one@gmail.com)

That will catch any email that gets in your inbox, where one@ will only catch those to one@.

If you're using the settings > Fowarding and pop/imap it should forward anything in your inbox to that number.

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