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Or does this require a custom build?

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Any full featured ecommerce suite should have the ability for the customer to create an account and shop so that customer's history will remain in their account to view at a later time.

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You can use My eStore App (http://myestoreapp.com); it's a plug and play estore module that integrates with paypal. Technically, the customers can view their purchases directly via paypal.

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If you are using a pre-built Shopping Cart or CMS, it should either have that option avaliable, or you can create your own by pulling information from whatever database it uses to store information. If you have a custom web application already, you will need to pull the information yourself. Regardless, this is a simple problem solved by attaching to a database and pulling specific records for that user. Without knowing the structure of your existing website, I can't provide any more detail than that.

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