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I'm thinking of starting another Gmail account for the "less important" things that I need to register with (random websites, subscriptions etc)

That is until I realized you can use Gmail alias.

But whilst I think it will be useful for re-routing things to seperate folders, is it useful for keeping out spam?

I would've thought all spammers need to do is to add a rule - "if domain == gmail.com, then remove everything after the plus sign" in order to get to your real address?

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The spammers might possibly do that, but I doubt it. I find Gmail's spam filters are so good I don't need to worry about it.

One thing it is useful for is to find those companies/entities that play fast-and-loose with your e-mail address. When I get e-mail sent to myname+website1@gmail.com from some other website, I know that website1 gave away (or sold!) my e-mail address and I'm not likely to continue my relationship with that entity (or the site that bought it, for that matter).

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