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I'm using Gmail to send attachments to Amazon with its auto-converting service to send ebooks to my Kindle.

Uploading the big document attachments can really be a waste of time. I have to wait for that and click "send" when the upload is complete.

Is there a way that Gmail can auto-send the mail once the uploading is finished, so that I can do something else in the meantime?

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Can you not immediately hit send, so that the message goes when the upload finishes? – Al E. Apr 21 '11 at 4:09
Everett is right. I always click send once the upload starts and the mail is sent on upload completion. – Vijay Dev Apr 21 '11 at 12:25

A new Labs feature, Background Send, let's you go about working in Gmail (reading other messages, etc.) without waiting for a file to finish uploading.

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Just click "Send".

Gmail will send the email after the upload is completed.

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Try configuring your Outlook for GMail, then open a new mail in Outlook. Add attachments, and send immediately. This won't stop from composing a new mail.

For Configuring GMail on Outlook, You can check this URL. How To Geek

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