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It seems that a few important google apps already offer theme customization. Is there any way to change the theme on Google Reader as well?

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No it is not possible to change the layout only through user scripts or Reader Play.

The most promising one for me is Helvetireader

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You could style at least the sidebar for this session with a ninja design if you press B A.

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Neo you rock my socks off. – mike the mike Jul 16 '10 at 19:34

Better GReader

This Firefox extension is pretty good. It offers a few different themes, plus several other enhancements.

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I use Google Reader - Colorful List View Greese Monkey Script. Pretty good. alt text

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Feedly is not a theme but an alternate view of your GReader, accessible through a Firefox or Chrome plugin

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There's also Re-Reader, a bookmarklet which restyles the web interface giving you a more simplistic look.

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I use the sublime reader extension for Google chrome. Comes with two themes, dark and light!

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like this pretty much, very modern and nerdy grey look

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