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I'm hunting for a simple web app that maps tasks, people and time.

Let's say you have 3 large tasks (draw a logo, write documentation & build website) and two people (John & Jane). You know that these 3 tasks need to be completed next week. Let's say that you want John to work on "draw a logo" on monday and tuesday and Jane to work on "documentation" mon - wed. Then they both spend tue-fri on "build website".

What is this kind of app called? Is it HRM?

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Emil, this feature is called "Resource Planning" or "Resource Forecasting".

My company's product, Roadmap, supports this - here's the info on this feature. We also integrate with Basecamp.

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Project management software?

a simple web app that maps tasks, people and time.

You can try Redmine which has Gantt charts support.

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Thanks but I'm not looking for project management software (The team is using Basecamp and it's lovely). I want a company wide view, not project specific. – Emil S. Apr 22 '11 at 10:35

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