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I'm looking for some sample code or a tutorial that would show me how to display live data from onto a map. Something like this: http://www.herdict.org/web/explore/herdometer http://glow.mozilla.org/

To give you more details, I have a website where people upload things about every minute. I get their IP, which I am planning to convert to State, Country using MaxMind GeoIP database. So I will have a locaton for every new record and I would like to show it on a map as it happens. I'd like to show it on a web browser without the need of plugins and hopefully by reusing existing code or web services (i.e. Google Maps)

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try node.js . add a node GEOIP plugin to recieve client's Latitude+Longitude (see node-geoip description, maxdata demo: www.maxmind.com/app/lookup_city?type=geolite). data can be used on bing, or googlemaps. use jquery for frontend animation.

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