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I want to subscribe to the following feed with Google Reader:


However, I don't want to read all posts, only the posts that are tagged with the "adwords" tag. These posts are listed on this page:


If I enter the URL http://www.straightupsearch.com/tag/adwords/ into the 'Add a subscription' box at the Google Reader website, all blog posts show up in the feed, no matter what tag they have.

Is it possible to subscribe to only the blog postings with the adwords tag?


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You can only do this if the blog or site you're subscribing to allows you to pull only posts under a specific tag.

This can be seen when you select that tag and list all the posts under said umbrella. The browser or site itself should show a link to the RSS feed for posts in that tag. Subscribe to that.

For WordPress blogs, the format is usually of the following:


If the site does not allow for such, then you are out of luck.

Thank you! I would upvote your answer if I could. – Sandra Apr 27 '11 at 18:27

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