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I want to remove (not change) my Facebook username, so that my profile page should be accessible from my ID number. Is this even possible?

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In addition to the answer provided by Chris, an easier way to get your ID is to enter the URL:{YOUR_FACEBOOK_USERNAME}

This will provide you with your ID which you can use with the URL as mentioned by Chris.{YOU_FACEBOOK_ID}

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I'm currently getting a "(#803) Cannot query users by their username (usernamehere)" error message when trying this method. – galacticninja Jun 16 at 9:57

I can't see an option to remove the name, but you can recover your user id and generate a URL from that. It's a bit convoluted, but if you go to a friends profile page you'll see a link

See friendship

this will have an URL of the form:[id number 1]&and=[id number 2]

From experimentation it seems that [id number 1] is your number. Though if you find a friend that hasn't set a profile name for themselves it will be easier to spot. Then you can create the url:[id number 1]

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You cannot remove your username. Once you have a username the only options are

  • Start a new account (most likely you don't want that)
  • Change to a new username (you can only do this once)

Account Settings

A third possible (rare) option would be that a Business/entity decides to claim ownership of your username as Facebook reserves the right to reclaim usernames.

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