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To make phone calls (not using Google Voice/Softphone but normal phones) or see some other details like Company etc. of a person whose details are added in my Google Contacts, I generally use the chat search box on the left side to quickly lookup a contacts detail.

Hovering on any search result, apart from other options like Mail, "view recent conversations etc", the search result of the search box also has "X's Profile"

(I have attached the screenshot for more clarity)

enter image description here

I want to know how to add more fields like mobile number etc... to the this "display Profile" popup (currently it only shows email & photo)

If there is any seperate Gmail gadget or a way to do this kind of quick lookup, that should also be fine.

Thanks in advance. -Arun Jain

Operating system: WinXP Firefox Your antivirus software: McAfee

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You can't do that under gmail's contact quick search but you can sync your contacts and use your preferred application (or even Outlook) to search them. As a bonus, you get synced calendar.

Another option within gmail is enabling keyboard shortcuts, typing g+c then / to search, and g+i to go back to inbox. At least to me that's quick enough.

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