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When doing date-range searches on Google Groups I find many wrong answers from non-Usenet sources. Is there a way to only search Usenet on Google Groups?

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You might have luck searching from another search engine, such as http://www.binsearch.info/

Unfortunately it only goes back 900 days, but perhaps that's enough?

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Binsearch is for binary files. Google Groups is for discussion – Display Name May 5 '11 at 23:14
Thanks but I wanted to go back a few years to find the first uses of terms liks "netbook" and "Eee PC" (-: – hippietrail May 6 '11 at 1:11

You might enjoy the old faithful advanced search:


it wasn't apparently ported to the "new world" google groups, (or I can't find it) but the old groups is still there, behind the curtain.

...for now, at least. :/

It allows to search by date, it might be incredibily helpful in finding extremely old topics.

You don't get a "search-only-usenet" option, no, but you can search by usegroup hierarchy.

How? Well, for example try this search:


UPDATE: there, I forged an URL to restrict queries to all existing usenet hierarchies. (you might want to fine-tune that)


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