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The news feed on my iPhone Facebook includes updates from my "liked" pages, but my desktop Facebook does not. I have two questions pertaining to this discrepancy:

  1. How do you show updates from "liked" pages on desktop Facebook?
  2. How do you see a list of all your "liked" pages to remove the ones you don't like?
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You can manage your pages by going to your 'Profile' and clicking on 'Info' on the left.
It lists out all the pages you have 'liked' sorted by category. There is a edit link on the right over there. You can remove the pages which you don't like over there.

Regarding how to show updates from the pages you've liked, I think facebook automatically hides updates from the pages you don't interact with.

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You can also find some apps to unlike your liked pages here is a tutorial for unlike inactive pages

Goto the website mentioned in the link and login with your facebook id and you will get a sorted list and will be helpful too.

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Please don't just link to a tutorial. This site is for providing actual answers. – Andrew Lott Feb 8 '14 at 13:44

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