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So I'm looking for calendar ideas - I use Google Calendar, but when I create a multi-day event (like a two-week holiday) it just puts a line across the top of the days that is pretty hard to notice; I'd like it to properly block out the days so that I can easily tell that they are scheduled. Any ideas of widgets, hacks, or alternatives (preferably online)?

P.S.: Ideally I'd be able to play with the fonts and colours and such as well, but that's really wishlist... also importing all my existing stuff from Google Calendar would be nice.

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Apologies and thank you for your comment - I wasn't sure, but I thought that it was okay as there are lots of similar questions like…... sorry again. – Joe Reddington May 6 '11 at 16:54
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In the free online calendar, multiple events are viewed the same as one-day events, but are created/edited as one. Unfortunately, the fonts and colors don't seem to be customizable.

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Another reason to use 30boxes: I use 30boxes because the quick create feature (where you enter in an event text, including the date, and an event is automatically created) worked better for me than with google calendar (especially when the date was in a non-US format). – newenglander Nov 7 '11 at 14:01

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