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Possible Duplicate:
Manage un-replied GMail conversations

Is there a way to get a notice if I send an email to someone expecting a reply, but after a few days they haven't replied to it?

Either something already in gmail, or an extension would also work.

For example if I send a friend a message like "hey I'm coming to New York next weekend, where should we meet" I would like to be notified if they didn't reply to it so I can remember to try to reach them through other means.

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You can try Boomerang for gmail. It has add-on and extensions for both chrome and firefox

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+1 Boomerang looks cool. I like the way it offers to return a message to the inbox 1 day before a date it finds – Alan Whitelaw May 10 '11 at 13:10

The simple answer is no. Gmail is an email client not a diary tool.

I personally achieve the above by having a label called "waiting" that I check every day!

Another solution, could be a reminder on Google calendar, that would drop an email into your inbox too.

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