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I downloaded the Wordnet English language words database and I would like to sort the words by frequency in modern English. The most common words first. I thought in using Google Ngram but it doesn't return the frequency in plain text, it returns an image instead.

The precise order shouldn't matter, I only want that common words such as "table" come before "obnoxious".

Perhaps even the Wordnet database could already contain the necessary information, but I couldn't find the column that could help me.

Is there any Web Site, Web Service or database that could provide me what I need?

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Here is a little project I made for myself. It has an API for retrieving the most common words. The page has a description of the API.


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The link is dead. –  I. J. Kennedy Mar 28 '14 at 22:38
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I found out that Google released the database used by NGram so we can generate our own app using it.


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